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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning 2019-12-17T18:55:08-08:00

Ductwork Cleaning

Why Have Your Ductwork Cleaned?

If your in need of ductwork cleaning we can help.

Have you ever had your ductwork cleaned?
Did you move into a new-to-you home and wondered what the previous owner left behind for you?

  • Do you have allergies?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you live in a highly dusty environment?
  • Has your home been remodeled?
  • Are you scared to lift up the floor register and stick your arm down the duct for fear of what might be lurking in there?

You clean your floors/carpet, furniture, clothes, microwave, cars, perhaps the kids and even pets. Right? Then why would you not clean your ductwork that carries the vital air you breathe whenever you are there? Has it ever been cleaned? Do you know that potentially there are all kinds of things lurking there such as dirt, dust, pet hair and dander, old dead “critters” and all the microscopic things that feast all those other things? Now envision the air that you breathe being blown through your ductwork, spread throughout your home, finally resting in your lungs.

Before you acccept one of those ridiculously low-priced offers you see from time to time, ask them these questions:

  1. Are they licensed, bonded and insured?
  2. Do they know ductwork intimately because they have extensively installed it in new construction as well as retrofit environments?
  3. How long have they been around?
  4. By what process will they clean your ductwork?
  5. Are they professional HVAC contractors?
  6. What will they do if they damage your ductwork? Will they hire an HVAC contractor to repair their damages?
  7. Do they have any other “unadvertised fees” such as setup, hourly rates, or other hidden charges for other expensive services that are conveniently not mentioned or clear in the ad?
  8. Do they give you a complete satisfaction guarantee?

Who do you want doing your work for you?
There are many quality companies that do a good job of duct cleaning. There are a variety of competent ways to clean ductwork. You should trust your ductwork to a professional. Be sure of who you are hiring. Be sure you are hiring a competent, licensed, bonded and insured contractor and what you are getting for your money!
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