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Controls are the new name for what used to be called simply thermostats. The term thermostat just isn’t adequate to describe what controls do today.A thermostat simply used to measure the indoor ambient air temperature, and compare that to what the desired air temperature was, and then turn on/off the attached systems when the preset levels were achieved.

Today, those systems do so much more. Depending on the control you select, it still does what you would expect a thermostat to do, but additionally these tasks are available as well:

  • It controls and communicates between all the devices attached to it, even including such things as humidifiers.
  • They are almost always programmable for a variety of different days or situations.

  • In zoned systems, they help control when those zones are opened or closed.

  • If you want your indoor temperature to be 72 degrees by 7 am, that control knows your home well enough to know exactly how long it will take to raise (or lower) the temperature of your home to 72 degrees, based on what the temperature is right now, and will start the appropriate system at the appropriate time to facilitate it being 72 degrees by 7 am.

  • The control knows when your furnace is working too hard to draw air and lets you know that it is time to change your filters.

  • If maintenance is required, the systems can communicate that back to the control, which will alert you.

  • If you travel a lot, there is the ability to connect to your system over the internet and change any system parameter you desire, including simply turning your systems on or off.

These smart controls are remarkable. These are just a few of the benefits and capabilities. Speak with your professional Sales Consultants at Milwaukie Heating & Cooling to find out which controls are a match for you and the system that you choose.